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John Robinson, NSW Corps, Royal Admiral 1792

John Robinson born Oxford England enlisted into the NSW Corps 6 Mar 1791 in England, and almost immediately was board the Royal Admiral for its voyage to NSW.

Whilst the Royal Admiral was docked at Gravesend 20 soldiers from the NSW Corps joined her on May 14. However records on exact numbers do vary – David Collins wrote 1 Serg. 1 Corp. 19 privates belonging to the NSW Corps as arriving on the Royal Admiral.

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George Bruce

Joseph Druce aka George Bruce, Convict, Royal Admiral 1792

Crime: burglariously and feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling house of William Dresser , about the hour of eight at night, on the 7th of March , and burglariously stealing, nine silk handkerchiefs, value 40 s. his property. Tried: 14 Apr 1791, Old Bailey London, Death age 12 years. On 14 Sep 1791 his death sentence was commuted to life. [1]

“I was soon over taken by the justices. many time I was cot thifing, but I was so small that the Ladies and Gentlemen all pitteed me. And let me go from time to time. but at last I was cought in the fact. and cast for death at the age of twelve. it was for braking a winder and taking out two pices of hankshif. I remained in newgate for some time and from thence to the houlks at woollige whar I Beamained. tell the year ninety one. then I was put on Bord the royal hadmarl east indamen to go to portjacksen. my employment. during the voge was to see all the boys cleen to Muster every morning be for the captin. the ship arrived at hir Respictef port wih the loos of seven Sales out of four houndred and thifty wich captin Bond had on bord. Captain Band was noblest one of the most nobelist harts that ever Existed on Earth for he haved bouth a father and frind to all on bord during a passage of four Mounths and four days”.[2]

Upon arriving at Port Jackson aboard the Royal Admiral in Oct 1792 “he was taken straight to Toongabbie and employed carrying water to a gang of tree-fellers. Next he was assigned to the botanist George Caley who was collecting insects for Banks, thence to the superintendent of convicts as a personal servant, and finally to Lieutenant Governor Grose as his body-servant. When Grose left Sydney for England Bruce received a free pardon. He then spent several uneventful years as a seaman on the Francis before to the Cumberland”. [3]

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James Gallagher – Gallaghan, NSW Corps, Royal Admiral 1792

James arrived in NSW aboard the Royal Admiral in 1792 holding the rank of private. He was promoted to the rank of corporal in 1798. He travelled to Norfolk Island aboard the Hunter in July 1800 with Joseph Foveaux NSW Corps Company of which he had been a member since 1796.

As James Gallaghar his name appears on the Norfolk island Victualing book 1802 with the rank of corporal.  James Gallagher, died 16 Feb 1804 on Norfolk Island, his burial dated is recorded as 17 Feb 1804, Soldier in the Rev Fulton burial records.

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