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George Plyer, Private Royal Marines, Friendship 1788

George Plyer was born c1759 at Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. He arrived in NSW as a private of the Royal Marines 30th Company aboard the Friendship in 1788. As George Player he was sent to Norfolk Island aboard HM Supply in June 1789.

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Norfolk island bdm

Ships to and from Norfolk Island 1788 to 1814

HM Supply
: 28 Feb 1788  
        1st Landing Party 6 Mar 1788
HM Supply: 28 Jul 1788           Carried stores only
Golden Grove: 13 Oct 1788     Marines, male and female convicts Continue reading

Deaths: 1805 NSW and Norfolk Island

All burials at Sydney are at the Old Sydney Burial Ground.  Parramatta burials are at death reg. St Johns Parramatta unless noted. Dates are for burials unless noted.

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Felix Bearcroft, Convict, Salamander 1791

Felix was born c1772 Cockershell Essex tried 19 Jan 1790 at Bristol Somerset. He received a sentence of 7 years transportation, arriving in NSW aboard the Salamander Aug 1791. Felix was sent to Norfolk Island also aboard the Salamander in Sept 1791. He received rations on Norfolk Island until 1795.

He enlisted into the 102nd Regiment on Norfolk Island in Sept 1797 with the rank of private, and returned to Sydney at some time; as he travelled back to Norfolk Island aboard HMS Porpoise in Mar 1801.

Felix returned to Sydney sometime in 1803, he died 22 Feb 1810 Sydney and buried the same day at Old Sydney Burial Ground, buried as Felix Beecroft, Private 102nd Regt, age 38 years,

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Henry Palmer, Convict Neptune and Eleanor Kirvein Convict Lady Juliana 1790

Henry Palmer was charged with of crime of stealing 2 chaise glasses valued at £3/3/- at Old Bailey, 31 May 1786. His death sentence was commuted to 7 years on 10 January 1787.[1] He arrived in NSW aboard the Neptune in 1790

 In Sydney as Henry Palmore he married Eleanor KIRVEIN – KIRVIN, Convict, Lady Juliana 1790 as Elinor Kirvin  on 31 July 1790 at St Phillips, after which the boarded the voyage aboard the Surprize for Norfolk island.

Henry Palmer died 26 Nov 1790, buried most likely at Turtle Bay burial ground:

Ralph Clark wrote: a disagreable Accident happend at Charlotte Field (Queensborough) today in felling the Timber which I orderd to be cut down the last time I was out ther for the purpose to let more Air into the Corn a Tree fel on Henry Palmer a male Convict which nearly kild him on the Spot – the Surgeon orderd him to be brought in as the Tree fell on his head – the[y] have Traponded him and find that his brain is injured and that he could not live – he died in about an hour after the Operation.[2]

Eleanor returned to Sydney, on 30 Mar 1791 at Parramatta she was charged with receiving stolen goods: Eleanor Kirvein was accused of receiving six ounces of tobacco. She was found guilty and sentenced “To make good the Tobacco”. [3]

She soon found herself again on Norfolk Island, travelled most likely on the Mary Ann (Aug 1791) or Salamander (Oct 1791). Eleanora Kervan had a stillborn child on 22 Oct 1791 on Norfolk Island.[4]

She returned to England via Bengal aboard the Sugar Cane from Norfolk Island in Oct 1793.

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