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Ships to and from Norfolk Island 1788 to 1814

HM Supply
: 28 Feb 1788  
        1st Landing Party 6 Mar 1788
HM Supply: 28 Jul 1788           Carried stores only
Golden Grove: 13 Oct 1788     Marines, male and female convicts Continue reading

Deaths: 1805 NSW and Norfolk Island

All burials at Sydney are at the Old Sydney Burial Ground.  Parramatta burials are at death reg. St Johns Parramatta unless noted. Dates are for burials unless noted.

Name – Location – Burial Date – Notes Continue reading

William Daw, Convict, Salamander 1791

William Daw was born c1779 at Croscombe, Somerset arrived in NSW as a convict aboard the Salamander to serve a seven year sentence. Tried: Taunton, Somersetshire, 25 Mar 1790.

As a ex convict he enlisted into the NSW Corps in September 1797. William HMS Porpoise to Norfolk Island in Jan 1801 as William Daws.

He served as a private with the NSW Corps, leaving Norfolk Island aboard the Lady Nelson in April 1810 travelling to Sydney. William was transferred to the 73rd Regiment in October 1810.

William departed NSW aboard the Wyndham in Apr 1814 for duty in Ceylon. On his discharge in England in 1818 he was 39 years old with service in both the 102nd Foot Regiment and 73rd Foot Regiment.[1]

[1] TNA, WO 97/849/15


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